Pizzas Classic, meter-long and gluten-free

The reastaurant Al Giardiniello not only offers typical Mediterranean dishes, but it is also renowned for its famous pizzas, prepared in the best tradition of our region. The dough is prepared only with high-quality raw materials, to ensure the softness and fragrance typical of the Campanian pizza. The strictly natural leavening helps make the pizzas of Al Giardiniello more digestible. It is cooked in a wood oven, where the flavors blend together in a unique harmony. The maniacal care in the choice of products is reflected in the high quality of pizzas offered to customers. The specialty of Al Giardiniello is the famous meter-long pizza, capable of satisfying the most voracious appetites, as well as customers with the most discerning tastes. The selection of pizzas of Al Giardiniello is completed by the gluten-free pizza, made with gluten-free products, and cooked in a strictly dedicated oven.



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