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At restaurant Al Giardiniello, in addition to traditional dishes, it is possible to taste the famous handcrafted pizzas, prepared with fresh and selected ingredients, produced with the best flour and yeast naturally. The pasta, artfully pulled by our pizza makers, and the cooking in a wood oven: these are the secrets of Al Giardiniello pizza. The specialty of Al Giardiniello is the famous meter-long pizza, while for those who suffer from food allergies it is also possible to enjoy the pizza for celiac, made with gluten-free products, and strictly cooked in a dedicated oven.


At restaurant Al Giardiniello meals are typically Mediterranean, with a clever alternation between fish and meat dishes, prepared with season fresh ingredients, selected by the attentions of the chefs. For lovers of good meat, moreover, at the new grill house it is possible to taste delicious meats, cut in place and cooked with skill. At restaurant Al Giardiniello each dish, from appetizers to desserts, could be accompanied by one of the selected wines from the cellar, to bring out all of its flavors.

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Ceremonies celebrate with us your festivities

Al Giardiniello guests feel like at their homes, and celebrating any special event has kind of a magical touch. At the restaurant Al Giardiniello customers are received in airy inner rooms as well as wide open spaces to celebrate funny parties.