The cuisine and the flavors of the grill

At the restaurant Al Giardiniello the good Mediterranean cuisine finds its home: thanks to the experience, the skill and professionalism of the chefs, each dish, being it meat or fish no matter, is perfectly cooked! Recipes are prepared according to the seasonality of ingredients, carefully selected to offer diners only dishes with a special taste. For those who suffer from gluten intolerance, moreover, the chefs of Al Giardiniello offer a selection of the best ingredients for celiac, because every meal is truly unforgettable for everybody! And is there anything better than a great dish accompanied, with a skilful combination, by a good wine? At restaurant Giardiniello nothing occurs randomly, and even the selection of wines meets this motto, with a choice of the cellar, with bottles coming from the most renowned Italian wineries. The restaurant and pizzeria Al Giardiniello will whet the appetites of every customer!

The restaurant Giardiniello selects meat of the best quality in a wide range, for grilled and barbecued dishes in the grill house recently built. Located under a gazebo Mediterranean, in the countryside, the grill house restaurant is the latest addition to the Al Giardiniello: the meat used for barbecued dishes comes from the local butcher, and is cut off at the time, to ensure the freshness of the products, their genuineness, and a unique flavor. Try to match the grilled specialties with a great Italian wine chosen from the cellar of Al Giardiniello, and discover a whole new world of flavors and aromas! Romantic dinners and theme parties will find inside the gazebo their natural scenery.



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